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Saturday, October 20, 2012

They are Frauds or we are Fools?

What should I say more? I just realized how can I spoil and waste a whole day of my weekend for NOTHING and that too pay an amount to do that….I am so miserable and disgusted that I want to raise an official Complaint on what happened to me and my sweet dear friend. Now will tel u the story.

When we found a very tempting offer for some beauty service, we were over excited. Still, to make sure, before purchasing, I called up the service providers and confirmed what was the deal. They said happily: 
  • A Body Scrub
  • 1 hour Body massage
  • 1 hour Facial
  • 1 hour Manicure/Pedicure
Wow! We said. And within minutes, we had the vouchers in our hand and all set to use it ASAP. Thus me and my friend took an appointment for the service today, at 12.00pm and we drove happily to the place. After much time of getting lost in the hot sun, we reached the place…Paying the parking fee was another sad part. But still, getting that much service for such a price, we didn’t care…Thus, the victims reported at the Venue exactly 10minutes before the appointment time. And here goes what happened after that.

11.50am to 12.25pm : Waiting at the lounge, chatting to each other and grumbling, why is it taking so much time.

12.25pm : A Royal Princess (lets name the staffs so) came and announced, “COME”

12.26pm to 12.30pm : We two Victims stood in front of the scrub room, not knowing WHAT TO DO.

12.30pm : Royal Soldier ordered, “COME INSIDE and BE READY”

12.40pm : We were back in the Changing room and they ordered, “Change to your dresses and go and WAIT. We don’t know what time we would be free”

12.51pm : Back in the Waiting Lounge

01.00pm to 01.15pm : A lady we have seen waiting from the time we were there started arguing with the Royal Princess. We understood that she has been waiting since 10.30am and been doing only WAITING. To worsen the situation the Royal Princess didn’t leave any leaf unturned to talk rudely with a CUSTOMER. We, like two guinea pigs, calmly listened to them, very well acting that we were not listening. We had decided to stay calm, as we didn’t want the Princess form a grudge against us too.

01.15pm to 02.15pm : Still Waiting

02.16pm : Princess summoned my friend to be seated at the Manicure chair…(Phew!!!Finally)

02.25pm : Royal Highness reported and ordered me to go in for the 1hour Massage. Happily I ran into the dark room.

02.30pm : A Royal Masseur started pressing my neck (I send a message to my friend, saying they started and she announced her Manicure is almost done, WHAT THE HELL, 14 minutes and Manicure done??? Ha, maybe they take more time for Pedicure, we sighed, hopefully)

02.48pm : Masseur announced she is done. WHATTTT? 1 hour has been changed to 18minutes, from when. Time is indeed flying, I wondered. An argument started…

02.55pm : After much discussion, she started punching my leg as if she wanted to open some nerves within. I said, better you press my neck as that is the area of concern.

03.05pm : She left the room, leaving me wonder, “WAS SHE ACTUALLY DONE OR SHE WENT FOR SOMETHING ELSE”

03.10pm : As she never returned, I found my place back in the Waiting Lounge. Gosh, my friend is missing. A message from her confirmed she started her Facial 5 minutes before (03.05pm) after a waiting period of 35 minutes. Great, atleast she wouldn’t be back for another 45 minutes minimum, I guessed.

03.22pm : I was ushered to the Manicure/ Pedicure chair.

03.25pm : My friend was back in the Waiting Lounge. 1 hour? So Fast?

03.35pm : Princess decided to come and sit to start Manicure for me.

03.40pm : My friend was dragged down to the Massage room. I messaged her to make sure that they do it atleast for her the full 1 hours. (how great a wish) This moment, I was trying hard not to let a sound out when the Princess was cutting off my finger skin. I calmly said, “Please be careful”

03.58pm : She was back, grumbling… “Cheating, Cheating…” I asked her to rush out and add on to the Parking fee so that we don’t end up with more loss of a fine.

04.05pm : Magically they finished Pedicure too. Maybe Pediure for them meant cleaning the toes and putting a coat of the Nailpolish. Atleast, they didn’t cut my toes off like they did with my hands.

04.08pm : My friend messaged me that her Pedicure which was pending had started.
04.10pm : I dragged myself to the Facial Room.

04.15pm to 04.18pm : Royal Queen reported herself and took some cream and put one spot each on my cheeks and chin and forehead and switched ON the steamer and left the scene.

04.32pm : I screamed for the Queen to switch OFF the steamer and I wanted a Facial and not steamer. She asked surprisingly, “U don’t want steam?”. I replied, “I DON’T WANT IT FOR 20 minutes”. My friend messaged me, "These people are frauds, they didn't even clean the leg properly and when asked they said, this is what they offer."

04.35pm : She wiped off the cream on my face and announced that I have normal skin so she will put normal Peel-off mask and she applied the mask and left the scene. I knew it that less than 20 minutes and the Facial too was over.

04.40pm : I wiped off, whatever was on my face and grabbed our bag and left the scene.

04.45pm to 04.50pm : Sitting in the car, we tried calling any of the numbers where we could register an official complaint. Being weekend, all numbers were unanswered.

04.50pm to 05.25pm : As we were driving frantically to reach home, we had all curses for the service we just received. The traffic just infuriated the anger and depression within.

How we wished, we could kick their ASS off. How we wished we could register a complaint then and there about them. How we wish we hadn’t purchased that deal at all.

Paying that amount to take a shower, put on some cream on face and wash my legs and put a Nail Polish. We wanted to scream out loud….Aaaaaaagghhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Furious as we could be…

Now as I am sitting and trying to type this down with my completely scratched up Finger, I wonder…
“They are Frauds or We are Fools?”

NB: As we left, we had noticed another Victim already fighting with them for the long waiting periods and the dirty service they were providing. We wished her a Best of Luck and also added to try her best to make those $@^#&$% show some justice to their work...We had wasted more than 4 1/2 hours there to avail a service of less than 2 hours. I have typed down this timings, bcoz everytime we started smthing, I and my friend was BBM-ng each other. So we got the precise timing of our activity there.


Bikram said...

I think you both shud have protested , not many do so they do it to everyone .. and Also mention where this was and send them a LINK to what you have written


Anonymous said...

Long time no post. Hope all is well at your end. :)!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.

Tomz said...

Hello Jzt4me?

Pls come and make some confessions here

You will be anonymous..