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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Beware of those eyes!!!

She detested him. She couldn’t explain why. Just that she knew, something in him was not right and what was it, she was too immature to make anybody understand. She smiled, laughed, played with the world. It was fun, but still she was not happy that he was around. Her heart wished deep within, what if he never existed. She knew the love he showed was not what it seemed to be. If it was, then why he behaved different in the light and different in the dark. In her imaginations, he always had horns and thick white teeth which shined in the dark. He was a devil of the dark. With every sunset, she dreaded him coming for her. To hurt her? To kill her? Or to take her somewhere far away from her loved ones.

She never felt she wanted to live forever. But neither had she wanted the devil to decide what should happen to her. She was sure about that. Nights became sleepless, days became the dull lazy moments. To sleep meant to hide herself within the folds of blanket as if tightly tied up. She compared herself to an Egyptian Mummy. She fancied herself to be one of those beautiful queens dead and wrapped with white clothes and preserved for the years to come. At times, she wandered her home imagining herself to be a ghost. She was indeed floating around and whenever she crossed a mirror; she mimicked a ghost face and sound like one of those she had seen in movies. Her imaginations knew no boundaries.

She grew up thus. She never felt safe with the devil somewhere near to pounce on her any time. The devil tried luring her towards him. A safe distance, that’s all she wanted from him. She grew up seeing his evil face and actions. True, she was hurt many times and those stayed as wounds in her which could never be treated or healed. She became over protective about people around her too. For she felt, the devil following her would be following others too and she could never let any of her loved ones get hurt.

Thus came that day. They were all having a long drive. Her mind was not feeling safe as usual. After all she was under the sharp surveillance of the devil’s eyes and she could sense it. She made sure to stay in bright light and with people around who could safeguard her. Devil’s attack only when alone; she believed so.

The car came to a halt. This was where her body relaxed, mind cleansed, heart sanctified and above all safety prevailed. It was the lord almighty’s abode. With prayers voiced from her hurt heart and shivering lips, she walked towards her lord. She got pushed and pulled by the crowd around her. She was just steps away from her final destination.

But, why was she feeling uncomfortable suddenly. Something was not right. She could sense it; somewhere very close; closer than she could even imagine. The presence of the devil and she was caught off guard. Before she could even think on the strategies for her safety; the hell was right behind her. He was all over her; thirsty for her and was hurting her in high spirits. She wanted to cry out loud for help; but she knew her voice would just drown in that crowd. She turned herself and for the first time ever; she faced him face to face, eye to eye and stared at him. She was hurt to the core; but it was fire that sparked from her eyes and it was burning him and his thirsty eyes. She saw the devious smile of the devil as he slowly retreated back into the crowd away from her view.

Angry and hurt; she turned to look at her lord with eyes that had questions for him. Tears trickled like rain and found its way down the cheek. She wanted to cry out loud; but she knew, nobody would understand her, nor could she explain herself. When the one who knew everything could give no answer to her, what better she could expect from others. She wept her heart out.

But with time; she experienced a new change. The devil was still around but this time, it was his turn to be cautious and scared. It was a revelation, “his courage had been shaken by the fire from her eyes and he knew that if he tried hurting her again; it meant his end”. The mask of goodness that he wore in the day light stayed firm in front of her. He knew that was best for him, maybe. She had finally won a battle she was fighting for years now. The wounds healed slowly; but the scars remains…And the scars reminded her again and again that this world is not what it might look like. The face in front of you might not be as innocent as it looks. The words that you hear might not be as true as it sounds. The actions that you experience might not be as soft as it feels.

To all the devils in the world; remember one thing. Some day you would face an eye which would emit the Fire hot enough to burn you down and make your existence disappear from this world. So, try changing yourself; if not….

Beware of those eyes!!!

NB: Kindly note that all characters and incidents in this are not creations of imagination. Any similarity to anybody or anything is purely purposeful. It may or may not have connections to the author or acquaintances of the author... hehe!!!